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So I gave the process of migrating from one mastodon server to another a try before I invest serious effort in building a profile here. Honestly not too bad at all for a process that you won't be using frequently. It does suck losing your follows and previous posts though. I can see the loss of post history being a big issue for people.

So my advice is even though you do have portability you should choose your server wisely.

#mastodon #migration #newuser

Yes, I am available to become the CEO of (my own) Mastodon (instance).

Wow. Remarkable even by current grifter-liar Fantasyland Republican standards. In 2 weeks he’ll represent a Long Island-NYC district in the House—4th richest in the U.S., won by Democrats in the last 5 elections by 6 to 18 points. By the way, he was also the *2020* Republican nominee, so he was someone they—AND news media AND Democrats—had plenty of time to expose.

if you are at all able (or able to learn), i highly recommend:
• creating your own website
• on your own domain
• acquiring copies of your data that you care about that's on third party sites (particularly this one)

This print has traveled with me, waiting to be framed. The artist, Koko Bayer, put these murals up all over in 2020 and I bought a print and brought it with me to hang in .

All I want for Christmas is a new season of Ted Lasso!

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

May kindness surround you,
May love warm you
May joy roll over you,
May hope fill you,
May peace be with you,

It's so convenient to be able to block entire domains on Mastodon.

I'm old enough to remember when Yahoo! Groups unceremoniously nuked every single LGBT mailing list overnight, leaving people completely untethered from communities they had relied on and loved. When that happened, we got angry at Yahoo!. And yet when people flee from Twitter, anger is directed at those "defectors". Twitter is not a country, and we were not its citizens. It is a corporation. If Twitter is driving people away, it's Twitter's fault. It's not our job to fix it. #noxp

Months ago, a friend and I booked flights for a Peru trip for the last two weeks of December. Then my friend got busy and we didn't plan any of the trip. Planning felt like a slog.
This week, we decided to just wing it and enjoy a spontaneous vacation -- until the country erupted in protests after the president was arrested. Today, we canceled. Sometimes the universe makes decisions for you.


I'm an independent but not like Sinema.

part of my role at is leading support and neutralizing abuse on the platform. we'll occasionally have folks (especially teens) coming in really hot on the support queue–saying nasty stuff that i know they learn from mostly Being Online. their intent is to get technical support but their rhetoric makes it also an abuse case and opportunity to be educated on how to appropriately ask for help. that education piece is hard and sometimes hurtful, but it's important! 1/5

I'm Venmo’ing $600 to a friend. If in 20 weeks I have lost 10 kg, I get $100 back. And I'll get $100 back every 4 weeks until I have my money back. If I don't hit my targets, they go to a charity of my friend's choice (which is my rival college, where my friend graduated from). This is going to be fun!

I'm writing an early draft of what I will and won't do with future .

For example,
🚫 I will never ever implant any technology into my body.
🚫 I will never upload my photos to that I don't control.
👍 I will only use encrypted chat.
👍 I will invest in code and content that I fully own (self-hosted and )
👍 I will divest time and content from platforms that I don't own (, , .

What am I missing?

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