@randfish I've always been in love with heathceramics.com from SF. Not cheap but well made and beautiful.

“Costa Rica has won international acclaim for its initiatives to restore its forests. But those successes are now jeopardized by conflicts over the government’s failure to return traditional lands to the Indigenous people who are regarded as the best forest stewards.”


@devinreams I downloaded it, saw that it requires access to my contacts, deleted it and posted ^.

Is Gowalla actually decentralized?

Just got this swag YESTERDAY and whoo boy a lot can happen in 24 hours

Who is working on the Foursquare of the Fediverse?

@vouchey as federation matures, it should become more stable and easier, like WordPress did.

Any fans here? I've never built one but I'm thinking about building a travel router + simple airbnb security camera for when I travel. Any advice before I go down this rabbit hole?

The joys of self-hosting. My Mastodon server's letsencrypt failed to renew, causing my server to go offline. And of course, I hadn't added the server to my monitoring service yet. Oops!

This is great: theoatmeal.com/comics/believe (via @bigzaphod)

I wish there was a non-US version to get a bit more triggered, but it's still very well made.

My parents, both 70, are getting to the point of needing help that my sisters and I aren’t qualified for.

Eg: my dad has been in and out of the ER for problems that no one can seem to figure out. My mom is unable to comprehend everything the doctor is telling them.

As we don’t live near them, it would be nice to have an advocate figure out the health side while my sisters and I focus on helping the emotional side.

Same for cyber security, finances, etc.

I’d gladly pay for it.

@jeffjarvis my alma mater. They’re highly effective at these types of marketing ploys.

My worldview has changed considerably since graduating, but I wouldn’t call them extremist, which I’d reserve for places like Liberty, Bob Jones, Oral Roberts, etc.

"A handful of companies own the #patents on virtually every #seed planted in the US. Now, a new crop of unowned seeds is bringing #biodiversity back to #farming."

#agriculture #food #monopoly #ossi (Open Source Seed Initiative)

FYI, I link to two earlier reports on this problem (2017 and 2019) in a tweet from 2020.

@devinreams I had no idea that @cloudflare had 1/2 the products they did until I read that post.

It's Friday, friends. What did you do this week that you're especially proud of?

For me, I hired a contractor to help with a new project.

New report: U.S. spends far more on #healthcare than other high-income countries yet is the only one without universal #health coverage. U.S. also has...

- Lowest life expectancy at birth

- Highest death rates for avoidable or treatable conditions

- Highest maternal and infant mortality

- Highest rate of people with multiple chronic conditions



@philshapiro Public libraries make the best coworking spaces.

With all of this Chinese balloon news, some news network needs to book Richard Heene for commentary.


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