🍾 I did it! I took a 60-day sprint and completed it -- 1 hour a day for 60 days.

In return, Lingoda is returning the $740 that I spent on the sprint.

You can join their next sprint: (affiliate link)

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@aaron wooooow the refund for sticking with it is a nice incentive.

(But I already do like 2-3hrs/day, so I will not be adding another.)

@aaron Congrats! When I did the Super Sprint last year it was 90 days! Wonder what made them change it. 🤔

@reyston Thanks! 90 days would have been too much for me. I'm exhausted and need a break even after 60 days. What language did you do?

@aaron I did the Spanish Sprint. 90 days was truly exhausting, but worth it! I won the Sprint, but there were a few times when I had to take a 3am class because I was traveling. That sucked 😂

@reyston I was scheduled to be on a bunch of flights and was going to have to take 3am classes but all of those trips got rescheduled, so I had a fairly uninterrupted 60 days. I need to write up what I learned about learning this way.

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