What would you say if I told you there was a state in Germany (which also has a federal system in which education is largely in the hands of the sixteen states) that was effectively outlawing the teaching of any critical reading of Germany’s history and present? (Thread - 1/)

I have an unexpected overnight in Houston tonight until mid-afternoon tomorrow. Anyone around for a drink/meal?

I'm going to start posting photos to my instance here:


Who can I follow? (Also, you can follow from Mastodon even if you don't have Pixelfed, thanks to !)

it’s so sad how good the podcast Heavyweight once was, then it moved to Spotify, so every few months they release teasers on their old RSS feed begging you to go listen to new episodes exclusively on Spotify.

I once loved the show more than any other and I’ve got a Spotify account but I will never listen to it on Spotify using their shitty music-focused player that I’m guessing I can’t speed up and injects just-in-time ads I can’t skip.

Pro Tip: Getting a new US passport does not automatically update your Global Entry profile with your new passport number.

Ask me how I know. 😬

🚨 BREAKING NEWS: I have no classified documents in my home.

Ivory by Tapbots is launching today.

This app marks the beginning of a new era for Mastodon clients on Apple platforms. It raises the bar in this category, but there’s still work to be done.

I reviewed Tweetbot 1.0 on MacStories in 2011; 12 years later, here is my review of Ivory 1.0:

Ivory for Mastodon Review: Tapbots Reborn macstories.net/reviews/ivory-f

I have past trip data from 2007 to today, spread among Tripit and Kayak Trips.

Does anyone know of an open source Tripit alternative? I'd prefer another platform not know my travel arrangements.

The media no longer needs to cover George Santos' lies. We've heard enough.

Go after GOP leaders and why they're not doing everything in their power to force him to resign.

In Davos to talk inflation, Sinema says she had to settle for a poodle coat given the spiraling cost of Dalmatians.

Hey, everyone who follows me who is hacking on somethigna round ActivityPub/fediverse — please reply here and share a link to your app/GitHub/Glitch! Would love to show off all the creativity that's happening right now. (And please boost so your friends can share their projects too.)

Failed dictators who plot coups are more welcome in Florida than gay kids.

Since I already shared what I do when I opt out of border facial recognition, here’s what happens when I opt out of flight boarding biometrics gathering.

And by the way, I’ve been sharing best case scenarios so far. Some cases have been horrific.

#aiethics #facialrecognition #techjustice #antioppression


I'm not exactly working today, but I am clearing out the old and setting some boundaries for 2023 so that when I do start work (maybe next week?) I'll be ready to go.

A Thai supermarket that replaced plastic packaging for Banana leaves

I’m grateful for 2022, a year of big growth for me. Here’s to a 2023 filled with love, joy and wonder.

A plea to journalists covering the Fediverse:

If you want to pitch a story and the only people you can think of to talk to are Gargron and the Journa Host admin, please don't.

Instead, use the time you saved to learn more about how this network functions, who the people behind ActivityPub are (and what that even is), who the people keeping instances running are, who the people moderating instances are; you can even get your hands dirty by digging through the Mastodon GitHub issue queue and learning why exactly some design decisions ended up the way they did, it's all right there!

Mastodon is not off-brand Twitter. You do this entire community a massive disservice by painting it as such, and you do our profession a disservice by expressing a complete lack of curiosity about this community before you report on it.

Thank you.

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